Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt

Oil & Grease Resistant Conveyor Belts (OR Grade)

  • The rubber cover, which is made from chemical resistant materials, has fine anti-chemical corrosiveness and good physical property.
  •  It is specially made for those materials which would dissolve expand or corrode the belt.
  •  It is suitable for conveying material with chemical corrosiveness in chemical factory, chemical fertilizer factory, paper mills, mining industry etc.

Technical Indexes

Item Tensile Strength /Mpa ≥ Elongation at break /% ≥ Abrasion /mm3 ≤ Hardness /(°)+10-5 Ozone deterioration
Cover Physical property Before aging 14 400 250 60 No cracks
After aging 12 340 - 65 -
Acid and alkali resistance Class Soak liquid Density Soak conditions Change rate before and after soak
°C x h Swelling rate Change rate of tensile strength
A1 HCL 18% 50°C x 96h ≤+10% ≤-10%
A2 H2SO4 50% 50°C x 96h ≤+10% ≤-10%
A3 NaOH 48% 50°C x 96h ≤+10% ≤-10%