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Chevron Conveyor Belt

The rubber cleats on Chevron conveyor belt get vulcanized onto the top cover of the belt during the manufacturing process. Profiles manufactured of extremely abrasion-resistant rubber types are available in 45 to 60 Shore hardness compounds. It offers a smooth ride across return idlers thanks to the pitch between two cleats. As a result, we are the most reliable Chevron Conveyor Belt Manufacturers.

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chevron conveyor belt with large cleats

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Product Features

Anti-tear and rip resistant qualities without any equivalent in conventional fabric conveyor belts. Special Steel wefts with high elongation and tensile strength properties arranged at a nominal pitch.

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Applications of Chevron Conveyor Belt

Typical Applications

 Applications Of Product Using only the greatest raw materials, we create products that serve a variety of industries.

Effective Solutions

We work with your company to identify your requirements depending on your application and thus initiate our manufacturing, supplying, and exporting process.

Chevron C15-380 Open V
Chevron C15-600 Open V

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