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Rubber Sheets

The mechanical qualities of our Rubber Sheet are exceptional. Continental Belting, the leading Rubber Sheet Manufacturers In India, is known for its high mechanical and abrasion resistance. Heat, ozone, and weathering are no match for these sheets’ ability to stick to metal. Between (-40) degrees Fahrenheit and (125) degrees Fahrenheit is considered the ideal operating temperature. In addition, we provide materials that are flame retardant. Features include low water absorption, high tear resistance, and resistance to flames.

We are a well-known company that has been successfully supplying high-quality Rubber Sheet. We utilize high-quality rubber sheet and then supply them in the market further. The quality that we deliver has made us become the leading Rubber Sheet Suppliers.

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Product Features

Anti-tear and rip resistant qualities without any equivalent in conventional fabric conveyor belts. Special Steel wefts with high elongation and tensile strength properties arranged at a nominal pitch.

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Applications of Rubber Sheets

Typical Applications

 Applications Of Product Using only the greatest raw materials, we create products that serve a variety of industries.

Effective Solutions

We work with your company to identify your requirements depending on your application and thus initiate our manufacturing, supplying, and exporting process.

Rubber Skirting

Skirt Board rubber sheets are softer than the conveyor belt, so they do not create scoring or rubbing on the belt. Made for high quality Natural Rubber, having excellent wear resistance.

  • Thickness : 4mm to 10mm
  • Maximum Width: 2000mm
  • Maximum Length: 20m
Pulley Lagging Sheets

Very helpful in improving drivability / traction, between the belt & pulley, especially helpful in moist climates. These are available in standard Diamond Profile.

  • Thickness : 10mm
  • Maximum Width: 2000mm
  • Maximum Length: 20m

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