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Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belts built to withstand fire get equipped with a design that allows them to extinguish themselves so, preventing the fire from spreading throughout the whole belt. To guarantee that our fire-resistant belt have fire retardant capabilities Continental Belting put them through a series of tests that get designed following ISO standards. The flame test, the electrical resistance test, and other similar tests are among them. Our quality products make us one of the leading Fire Resistant Belt Manufacturers In India.

It is suitable for conveying materials that require flame-resistant and static conductive belts in power, chemical, light, metallurgical and grain processing industries under the condition of the flammable or explosive environment above coal mines. We are one of the most renowned Fire Resistant Belt Suppliers because of our sturdy supply chain and ability to deliver the consignment within a short period of time.

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Applications of Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt

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