Designed To Transfer Highly Corrosive Materials

Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belts

Chemical resistant conveyor belt commonly get utilized for carrying alkaline and acidic chemicals and other ordinary commodities as well. Continental Belting is a renowned Chemical Resistant Belt Manufacturers In India and introduced a specialized rubber to assemble belts resistant to a wide variety of chemicals while also having superior anti-chemical corrosion. Despite their high concentration, chemicals will not be able to wreak havoc on our chemical-resistant conveyor belts and cause them to malfunction.

It is suitable for conveying material with chemical corrosiveness in a chemical factory, chemical fertilizer factories, paper mills, mining industries etc. We are also one of the prime Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt Suppliers and supply hundreds of consignments every day! Our robust supply chain ensures our clients get speedy delivery of their orders.

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heat resistant conveyor belt carrying hot steaming sand

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