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Belting Glossary - Conveyor Belt Terms and Meanings

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There are currently 13 names in this directory beginning with the letter W.
(1) A longitudinal yarn in a fabric. , (2) A corner yarn in a braid.
Watercooled press
A belt press that includes water passages right below the heating plates to allow rapid cooling of the heated press and belt joint.
Surface deterioration, evidenced by cracks and crazing of an elastomer, during outdoor exposure.
A fabric pattern description denoting a specific relationship of warp and filling yarns at specific locations in the fabric.
Weftless cord
A cord ply without filling yarns.
Winged pulley
A pulley with radial vanes extending from a supporting structure to the center shaft to minimize trapping material that otherwise would build up and damage the belt.
Wire hook fastener
A mechanical fastener consisting of wires capable of being driven through the belt end and bent back into the belt by a special tool device.
Metal in the form of a fine flexible rod.
Working load
See working tension.
Working tension
Stress on the belt when the belt is loaded with conveyed material and moving.
Woven fabric
A flat structure composed of two series of interlacing yarns of filaments, one parallel to the fabric and the other transverse.
Woven wire carcass
A belt with woven wire fabric.
Wrinkled ply
See buckled ply.

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