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Belting Glossary - Conveyor Belt Terms and Meanings

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There are currently 32 names in this directory beginning with the letter R.
Abbreviation for The Rubber Association of Canada.
Raised cover center
A belt cover with increased thickness along the center portion of the belt.
Raised edge
A flanged edge conveyor belt to minimize spillage.
Raised rib belt
A belt with transverse or diagonal bars or cleats on the top cover.
Rated conveyor belt
The manufacturer’s recommended maximum working tension for a conveyor belt.
Rated working tension
See rating.
The normal working tension recommended for a belt.
Raw edge
The uncovered square edge of a belt created by cutting after vulcanization.
The degree an elastomeric material returns to its original dimensions after being stressed.
A belt folded back and forth on itself.
Reinforcement agent
An ingredient in a polymeric compound not basic to its vulcanization used to increase its chemical and physical properties.
Reinforcing element
The strengthening members of a belt.
The area of new material replacing damaged material in a belt.
Repose angle
See angle of repose.
Certain materials produced by chemical synthesis.
The property or ability of matter to withstand the effects of force, pressure, heat or chemical action.
Return idler
A roll(s) that supports a belt on its return run.
Return run
The part of a conveyor system where the belt returns to the tail.
Ribbon blender
A type of internal mixer used to mix powders and liquids into a dry powderous viscous or liquid mass.
Transverse configurations on the carrying side of a belt to facilitate carrying material on an incline.
Riveted plate joint
A mechanical fastener with rivets projecting through a plate on both sides of the belt.
Abbreviation for The Rubber Manufacturers Association, Inc.
Abbreviation for Rated Manufacturers Belt Tension.
Roll belting
Belting made to ordered width but of nominal lengths for cutting later into shorter lengths.
Roller bed conveyor
A conveyor belt operating over a series of steel support rollers.
The hard amber-colored material of the residue from the distillation of oil of turpentine.
Rotary press
A vulcanizing machine consisting of a rotating, heated drum with a flexible steel band partially encircling the drum, which continuously advances a material while under pressure and heat between drum and band.
See rotary press.
Rough top
A belt made with projections in the carrying surface to improve the ability of the belt to carry material on inclines.
Rubber cement
A mixture of polymeric compound or elastomer used as an adhesive or sealant.
Coated with rubber compound.
The distance or route covered by a conveyor.

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