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Belting Glossary - Conveyor Belt Terms and Meanings

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Narrow disc idler
A flat pulley with discs attached around the pulley at certain intervals across the pulley.
Necking down
A localized decrease in the cross-sectional area of a product.
Needle punched
Non-woven fabric punched with a hack latched needle to improve its strength and stability.
Net endless length
The manufactured length necessary to provide proper initial fit and tensioning of a belt on a specified drive.
Cuts in the surface or edge of belting.
The clearance between two rolls of a calender.
Common name for nitrile-butadiene polymer.
An approximate amount.
The absence of bloom.
Non-woven fabric
A mat of nonaligned fiber bonded together.
Norway type elevator bolt
Flat top, squared shoulder bolt for attaching elevator buckets to elevator belts.
Abbreviation for isoprene polymer.
Numbered duck
Fabric weight designated by numbers based on linear yard of cloth 22″ in width.
Common name for polyamide fiber.

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