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Belting Glossary - Conveyor Belt Terms and Meanings

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There are currently 31 names in this directory beginning with the letter L.
Lagged drive pulley
See lagged pulley.
Lagged pulley
A pulley having its surface covered with lagging.
A smooth or embossed covering on a pulley to increase friction between belt and pulley.
A product made by bonding together two or more layers of material.
Build up from thinner layers.
A part that extends over itself or alike part.
Lap joint
An elevator joint where one end of the belt laps over the other end with the leading edge on the bucket side.
Lap seam
A seam made by placing the edge of one piece of material extending flat over the edge of the second piece of material.
Coming from the side.
Lateral misalignment
Offset of pulleys, idlers, or structure from a design longitudinal reference line.
Leno weave
An open mesh fabric in which the warp yarns are held by the filling yarns with the filling yarns twisted around alternating warp yarns in opposite direction.
Life test
A laboratory procedure used to determine the resistance of rubber article to a specific set of destructive forces or conditions.
The net vertical distance material is moved by a conveyor or bucket elevator.
Light weight belt
A belt with a rated maximum working tension of less than 160 pounds per inch width.
Lined bolt holes
Bolt holes which have been given a protective coating to cover the exposed carcass.
A separator, usually cloth, plastic film, or paper, used to prevent adjacent layers of material from sticking together.
Live rolls
A series of rolls over which objects are moved by application of power to all or some of the rolls.
Load support
The ability of a fully loaded conveyor belt to bridge the idler gap without creasing into the idler gap and carry material without excessive sag between the carrying idler pulleys.
Load weight
The weight of material per unit of time.
Loading angle
The angle to the horizontal at which material is loaded onto a conveyor belt.
Loading impact
The energy with which material is loaded onto a conveyor belt.
A lengthwise direction.
Longitudinal seam
A seam joining two materials in the length of the finished product.
Loop edge
A selvage formed by having the filling loop around a catch cord or wire, which is later withdrawn, leaving small loops along the edge of the cloth.
Loose cover
A separation of the cover from the carcass or textile reinforcement.
Loose edge
An edge which has separated from a textile carcass.
Loose ply
A separation between adjacent plies of fabric.
Low spot
A depression below the general surface of an object.
Low temperature flexibility
The ability of belting to be bent or flexed at low temperatures without loss of serviceability.
Low temperature flexing
The act of bending a product under conditions of a cold environment.
Lump size
The size of larger material on a conveyor belt.

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