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Belting Glossary - Conveyor Belt Terms and Meanings

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There are currently 23 names in this directory beginning with the letter I.
(1) A non-powered pulley around which a belt travels (2) a non-powered roll or rolls supporting a belt.
Idler pulley
See idler.
Idler stand
The mechanical system that supports an idler pulley.
Immediate set
The amount of deformation measured immediately after removal of the load causing the deformation.
The single instantaneous stroke or contact of a moving body with another either moving or at rest, such as a large lump of material dropping on a conveyor belt.
Impact energy
The effective combination of force (weight of the body and height) when one body falls on another.
Impact force
The energy power of impact.
Impact idler
A belt idler having a resilient roll covering, resilient molded elastomer rings, pneumatic tires, springs or other means of absorbing impact energy at or close to the place where material contacts the belt.
Impact rating
The maximum rating of a belt construction based on the fabric, impact rolls, design of loading, size of material falling on the belt, relative speed of the material and the belt, etc. to withstand the energy of impact loading.
Impact resistance
The relative ability of a conveyor belt assembly to absorb impact loading without damage to the belt.
Fabric interstices filled and/or yarns saturated with plastic compound.
Design formed during vulcanization in the surface of any rubber article by a method of transfer, such as fabric impression or molded impression.
An application of force in a manner to produce sudden strain or motion.
(1) The extent of deformation by the indentor point of any one of a number of standard hardness testing instruments; (2) A recess in the surface of a belt cover.
Initial tension
see tension, initial.
Inside length
A belt length measured along its inside circumference.
Installation allowance
The amount by which the center distance can be adjusted so a belt can be installed without damaging.
Instantaneous modulus
The ratio of stress to strain at a single point on the stress-strain curve.
A small opening, such as between fibers in a cord or threads in a woven or braided fabric.
Interstice of fabric
Spaces between the yarns or cord of a woven fabric.
Interwoven conveyor belt
A type of conveyor belt construction similar to that of a solid woven belt, with plies interwoven such that it is impossible to separate them.
Strips of metal at the edges of a belt in a flat press to confine the edge elastomer for making a molded edge or to obtain uniform thickness of the edges of a slit edge belt near its edges.
The abbreviation for the International Organization for Standardization.

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