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Belting Glossary - Conveyor Belt Terms and Meanings

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There are currently 22 names in this directory beginning with the letter H.
Hammock belt idler
See catenary idler.
A length of 840 yards of a yarn.
An increase in resistance to indentation.
The cloudy appearance of an otherwise transparent film.
A dull finish.
The delivery end of a conveyor belt.
Head pulley
The terminal pulley at the discharge end of the conveyor.
Head-tail drive
A belt driving system using one or more powered pulleys at or near both the head and tail pulleys with each pulley independently driven.
Heat degradation
Change in chemical and/or physical properties due to excessive exposure to heat.
Heat mark
Extremely shallow depression or groove in the surface of a plastic visible because of a sharply defined rim or roughened surface.
Heavy weight belt
A belt with a rated maximum working tension equal to or greater than 160 pounds per inch width, when operating under ideal conditions.
Herringbone weave
The longitudinal appearance of a row of parallel lines slanting at an angle in the opposite direction to another row of slanting parallel lines.
Hinge pin
A cable or rod to join together hinged fasteners.
Hinged fastener
A fastener attached independently to each of the belt ends designed with an opening in the end of the fastener to accept a pin through the opening to complete the joint.
Hold back
See backstop.
Holland cloth
A filled sheeting (usually starch filled) with a smooth, glossy finish on both sides, used as separating medium.
Of uniform composition throughout.
Horizontal belt curve
The portion of a conveyor system which deviates from a straight line in the same horizontal plane as the rest of the system.
A unit of power equal to 33,000 foot-pounds per minute (746 watts).
Hot air cure
Vulcanization by using heated air, with or without pressure.
Hugger belt conveyor
Two belt conveyors whose conveying surfaces combine to convey loads up steep inclines or vertically.
A loss of energy due to successive deformation and relaxation. A measurement of the area between the deformation and relaxation stress-strain curves.

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