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Belting Glossary - Conveyor Belt Terms and Meanings

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Edge wear
Damage to the edge of a belt by abrasion.
Effective tension
Difference between the tight side and the slack side tension at the drive pulley providing the necessary pull to move the load.
Elastic limit
The limiting extent to which a material may be deformed and yet return to approximately its original shape after removal of the deforming force.
The property of an article which tends to return it to its original shape after deformation.
An elastic rubber-like substance, such as natural or synthetic rubber.
Elastomeric properties
The chemical and physical properties of an elastomer.
Elevator belt
A belt that raises material vertically in buckets attached to the belt.
Increase in length expressed numerically as a fraction or percentage of initial length.
Operation of transferring a design to a rubber or rubber-like surface.
Endless belt
A belt made endless without a joint.
See fabric count.
Equivalent free fall
The calculated vertical distance material falls from the discharge point to end of a belt.
Exposed fabric
An area of a belt where the fabric reinforcement shows due to lack of cover.
The capability of increased center distance in a belt conveyor.
Extensible conveyor
An adjustable conveyor system with a loop of belting between the carrying idlers and the return idlers for changing the center distance.
Extraction test
A test in which certain components are separated from a solid by dissolving them in a liquid solvent under suitable conditions.
Forced through die of tubing machine in either solid or hollow cross section.
A process whereby heated or unheated plastic forced through a shaping orifice becomes a continuously formed piece.

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