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Belting Glossary - Conveyor Belt Terms and Meanings

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There are currently 34 names in this directory beginning with the letter D.
Data code
Any combination of numbers, letters, symbols, or other methods used by a manufacturer to identify the date of manufacture.
A protective covering over the return run of a belt conveyor.
A board or plate at an angle across the path of a belt traveling over a flat surface to transfer material off the belt.
Any change of form or shape produced in a body by a stress.
A deleterious change in the chemical structure of a material.
The separation of layers of material in a laminate.
A yarn sizing system for continuous filament synthetic fibers on the basis of the weight in grams of 9000 meters of the yarn.
The ratio of the mass of a body to its volume or the mass per unit volume of the substance. For ordinary practical purposes, density and specific gravity may be regarded as equivalent.
The length of a straight line from the periphery passing through the geometric center to the other side of the periphery of an object.
Dielectric strength
The measure of electric potential strength of a rubber product. Measure of its ability as an insulating compound to resist passage of a disruptive discharge produced by an electric stress. Measured as volts per mil of thickness.
Dip coat
A thin coat on a surface obtained by dipping the material to be coated into the coating materials.
Dipped fabric
Coated with rubber compound by passing through a rubber solution and drying.
Removal of conveyed material from a belt.
Dog leg
A bending from a straight line.
Double plate bolt fastener
Two ends of belting joined together with a plate on both sides across both ends of the joint.
An assembly of electrical and mechanical parts that provide motive power to a belt.
Drive factor
A numerical factor used for calculating the belt minimum slack side tension required for a given driving condition and or configuration.
Drive pulley
A pulley mounted on a drive shaft which transmits power to the belt.
Drive snubbed pulley
An non-driven pulley located close to the drive pulley to provide a greater arc of contact around the drive pulley.
Drive-on hinged fastener
Two ends of belting joined together with a pre-packaged fastener assembly having prongs for driving through the belt end.
Drive-on plate fastener
Two ends of belting joined with a single plate, across the top cover joint, with rivets or sharp teeth clinched over on the bottom cover side of the belting.
Drive, dual
See dual drive.
Drive, head-tail
See head-tail drive.
Drive, single
A one-pulley drive.
Drive, tandem
See tandem drive.
Drop ply
The omission of a reinforcing ply for a specified distance from each edge. Usually the bottom or next to bottom ply in flat conveyor belting.
Dry blend
A free-flowering dry compound prepared without fluxing.
Dual drive
A belt driving system employing two adjacent pulleys each powered with its own motor.
A tern applied to a wide range of medium and heavyweight fabrics, commonly made of cotton, including the heaviest and strongest of all, single-woven fabrics. There are three main types number duck, army-type duck and flat duck.
A test specimen with lesser width at the middle of its length than at its ends.
Durometer hardness
An arbitrary numerical value which measures the resistance to penetration of the indentor point of the durometer. Value may be taken immediately or after a very short specified time.
A short section of belting mechanically spliced into a length of belting and removed when the take-up allowance is exceeded.
Dynamic fatigue
Loss in properties of a material when continually subjected to flexing and or cyclic stress.
An apparatus capable of inducing various loads for evaluation of dynamic belting properties.

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