Cold vulcanizing Solutions

CONTIBELT 9000 Series

(Non Flammable Cold Vulcanizing Solution)

CONTIBELT 9000 is black color, viscous liquid of brushing viscosity. It is a two component, room temperature curing synthetic rubber based adhesive that when catalyzed with the appropriate amount of Hardener, yields high strength adhesion when bonding rubber to rubber, rubber to fabric, rubber to steel, rubber to PVC, urethane, fiberglass, concrete etc. CONTIBELT 9000 is formulated after intense R&D efforts to address diverse application needs of the industry. Our cold vulcanizing solutions, are very popular for conveyor belt jointing, pulley lagging & belt repair.

Mixing Ratio

100 gms adhesive,  & 5 gms Hardener 


Add required amount of hardener with adhesive. Mix the solution properly until a uniform coloration occurred. Recommended doses 5 grams of hardener with 100 grams of adhesive. The prepared mixture should be consumed within 2-3 hrs to avoid the effect of solvent evaporation and thickening of the mix due to cross linking leading to inferior spreading property. Keep the pot covered whenever not in use. The product is highly sensitive to moisture.


  • Higher coverage – Cost effective
  • Superior bonding strength – Quality output
  • More open time – Meets production cycle requirements
  • No settlement – Uniform performance
  • Does not contain benzene – Saves human life from possibility of cancer


Some Application Procedure

1. Rubber to Steel

Metallic surfaces must be free of oils, grease or other contaminants. Rust and mill scale should be removed by sand blasting to NACE #2. A profile of 2-3 mils is preferred. The rubber, if cured should have all mould release agent removed and buffed with 24 grit of stiff bristled wire brush at a speed as not to burn the rubber surface. Apply a first coat to each surface with a scrubbing – like motion. Allow this coat to dry for at least 1 hour at 25ºC. After the required drying time a second coat is applied to each surface. Let dry until tacky, adhere both surfaces and stitch down or apply pressure. The maximum bond strength will develop to its optimum in 21 days, however initial bond strengths will be sufficiently high after 24 hours and are ready for most services.

2. Rubber to Rubber

The rubber, if cured in sheet form should be solvent cleaned and buffed as described above before the first coat of adhesive is applied. Allow the first coat to dry for at least 1 hour or longer.

After the required drying time a second coat is applied and when still tacky, stitch the two components together or apply pressure.

3. Rubber to Other Substrates

For adhering other elastomeric materials or special environmental conditions, please go for trial to determine the suitability of this product with individual materials and to determine the preferred method of application.

Theoretical coverage: 4 - 5 m2 per liter.


Viscosity (at 25 ºC) - 4000 ± 300 cps

Density (at 25 ºC) - 1.41 ± 0.02 gm/cc

Drying time - 15 – 25 seconds

T. R. T  - Minimum 30 minutes

Pack Sizes
1 Liter, 5 Liters, and 30 Liters

Storage and Shelf Life
Store it in well sealed container. CONTIBELT 9000 will keep satisfactorily for 12 months from the  date of manufacture.